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DIAMOND MEDICARE  & GROUP of comapnies founded 1999. Our group of companies have been leeding manifacturer and distributors of medical disposable non-wover drapes, surgicalpacks and surgical consumables, medical Eqipment for all divisions. we have dedicated R&D team to fulfill the end user requirement. we have world class manufacturing facility. we have skilled technical team. we have spent the 20% income for new technology and new product development.

DIAMOND MEDICARE products are used by approximately 8000 hospitals and surgery centers in India. The Diamond Medicare product line was first developed in 2003 and has been recognized for over 4  years as the highest quality drape and gown line in the industry. The DIAMOND MEDICARE product line consists of products designed to meet infection control requirements of hospital for many different surgical and operating procedures including Angiography, Cardiovascular, General Gynaecology, Neurology, Obstetrics, Ophthalmic, Orthopaedic and Urology. The Gowns product line consists of products designed to meet general healthcare needs, specific protection, infection control and cleanliness. Other products under the DIAMOND MEDICARE name include Standard Sterile Packs, Disposable Surgical Drapes, Disposable Surgical Gowns, Mayo Stand and Table Covers, C−Arm covers, Camera covers, DIAMOND MEDICARE manufacturers and supplies 90% of the products directly to the market place (Hospitals ⁄ Nursing Homes ⁄ Laboratory, dental, and safety sectors. DIAMOND MEDICARE is committed to supplying high quality products, which clearly meet all requirements from our clients. At the same time, the company makes and sells cost effective products.

Our products are manufactured by modern facilities under strict quality control programs. We are an aggressive and responsible company ready to serve doctors and patient round the clock.


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